Hello, Thank you for inquiring about your services. I have received and continue to receive excellent service every time I contact your company. I don’t have any complaints at all. SET is the only provider I use for transportation and translation. Thank you guys again for providing such excellent service!

Medical Case Manager, FL

I just wanted you to know that I really adore your team. They are always prompt and accurate in my requests and so helpful! I have basically switched all of my translation/transport needs to Speak Easy due to the level of service that you all provide.

RN Medical Case Manager, FL

Side note: transportation was coordinated through Speak Easy Translation & Transportation Services. They were awesome! Called Sandy, and her attorney, got to her house early with plenty of time to make it to the appointment, very professional. You may want to keep their contact info handy for the future. I really liked them!

Nurse Case Manager, FL

Thank you and I am very pleased with the services that I received from your Company... Great Job!

Medical Only Claim Analyst, TX

SET provides exceptional service, I’ve recommended you to several co-workers and legal firms. Keep up the good work!

Claim Department, TX

Good Morning and Happy Friday !! I was so happy and impressed with your Company's service.

Claims Representative, FL

Hi Rodney, The transportation process went great. Ingrid was awesome. I will definitely use Speakeasy in the future. I also used your translation yesterday and it went well also.

Adjuster, TX

I have been really impressed with your service. I made another referral this afternoon.

Claim Department, TX

Magli, Thanks for updating me and Dr. Chrisman on today's changes. Thanks for the address update and your efficient follow up! You guys are the best!

Dana, Care Coordinator, FL

I have been very impressed with the service of this company having referred two claims recently which required more than a simple referral. The intake person whom I have spoken to on numerous occasions due to difficulties with this claimant has always been prompt to call me back and she seemed to really care that she got all the information correct so I can do MY job. I appreciate that. The translator has been wonderful per my nurse case manager in providing services at the doctor and physical therapy appointments and overall, the company has done a great job. I just wanted to send a comment to commend everyone who has had involvement in these claims and tell you, I will refer more to your company as the opportunity arises. And Mark, you are always a dedicated rep and great person! Thanks to all.

Senior Claims Rep, GA

Joe I have used other vendors in the past but yours is one of the best. You guys are very timely and good.


I have only heard that they really enjoy the new process and have not had any complaints on this end. This appears to be a successful partnership for everyone.

Operations Manager, FL

I also have told my co workers how impressed I was with the services SET provided both times.

Sr Claims Representative, FL

I was really impressed with the service and product that SET is providing for my accounts. I have never seen anything like it with any of the other vendors that I have worked with in the past.

Claim Adjuster, TX

I was very pleased with the translation services. In fact I am going to call them again today for a claim I just received. I will utilize more of your services as needed. Thanks for the information. Have a great day.

Claim Adjuster, TX

I always appreciate the service provided by your office staff. I haven’t had any problems and I plan to continue to utilize SET.

Senior Claims Analyst -- Dallas, TX

I have had the opportunity to work with Speakeasy several times with a really great outcome. The last time I used them to coordinate hotel reservations, transportation and meals we only had 48 hours notice and it was two days prior to a major holiday weekend. Even with the deck stacked against them they were able to get the claimants reservation made as well as get some special needs (i.e. a hotel that accepted pets with a shuttle service) accommodated and did it with great ease and a wonderful attitude. The notification process to all parties involved was handled with great care. Thanks very much!

Claims Manager, TX

Always a pleasure for me doing business with you guys!

Nurse Case Manager, FL

My pleasure Tamra, SET is very professional and easy to work with. Thank you for your services as well.

Claim Adjuster -- Austin, TX

Everyone I have spoken to has been great at SET.

RN, CDMS/Telephonic Case Manager

Your customer service continues to be excellent. Thank you.


Thank you Joseph, I am sorry I didn’t get to see you. Things were a little bit to busy for me . Thank you for the pens, and thank you for all that speak easy has done to make my life easier. Marci is a big help. So is Velvet. Thanks for all that you do.

Jill, TX