Language Services


SET's unique team specializes in accurate, well written translations/interpretations of legal documents or proceedings. Translations are available in over 200 languages and dialects and can be certified for acceptance by any court or government agency in the United States or abroad.

We are a member of the ATA (American Translators Association) and NAJIT (National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators).

Our Legal translation/interpretation team consists of insurance claims professionals (with over 30 years of Workers’ Compensation, Auto, & Liability experience), certified translators, bi-lingual, attorneys, CPAs, physicians, case managers, RNs, engineers, bankers, paralegals, scholars, and other professionals.


  • Depositions
  • Mediations
  • Hearings
  • Trials
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Medical Records & Evaluations
  • Medical, Legal, Insurance, Expert Witness Documents
  • Technical Documents
  • Recorded statements
  • and more!


  • Physician, MRI, Physical Therapy
  • IMEs, FCEs, AMEs, QMEs
  • Vocational and Case Manager Assessments
  • Translations of Medical Records
  • Assistance of filling out new patient paperwork


SET again uses its 30 years of claims experience handling Workers’ Compensation, Auto, & Liability as its backbone to providing a quality service. Whether it is translation of a medical document or an on-site interpretation at a medical appointment of any kind (PT, MRI, Evaluations, Follow Ups, IMEs, FCEs, AMEs, QMEs, etc). SET will only use ATA certified interpreters.

Our team consists of trained and tested interpreters. The interpreters are credentialed and tested on verbal and written communication skills. If you need a bi-lingual nurse, physician, case manager, lawyer, engineer, banker, etc. to provide translation or interpretation, you're SET with us!